Thank You

headmirrorFirst, I wanted to just say thank you to Roni for being so nice during the interview process, but most importantly to thank all of you. Everyone (well almost everyone 🙂 ), has been really supportive and I have gotten some very good feedback, including some constructive ideas.

I would have responded sooner but I think I was a little intimidated by everyone being so nice. Also didn’t help that I got half a root canal on Monday (they stopped halfway through) and the other half on Friday (when they finished it).

I have a ton of stuff I want to write, but I hesitate sometimes. I feel like I don’t have any authority to say things about the new world I am in. However, with the support of Jello and all of you I realize it is ok to talk more about it.

Thank you everyone for being so great! Oh, and I am currently reading through the comments I missed.

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