Published and the Future!

Hey everyone, it finally happened they published our book. I think it is a pretty cool little thing, basically Wolsey and I’s takedown of the selected posts. It was a nice way to package up the first phase of his transition.

So here is the official press briefing: AGPRFINAL

It is being released on most digital services and hardcopies are coming out. I will give an update when and where the hardcopies will be. Here is the amazon link (just look up Accidentally Gay on the other digital distributions if you have a different provider).

I want to thank everyone for this process. All I hope for the book is to give transitioning people and their partners the hope that it isn’t over for their relationship, no matter what anyone tries to tell them.

Like I have told you all earlier, I don’t post here much anymore, there have been a bunch of HUGE changes and working through them (Wolsey and I are both still together and madly in love). When it is time I will tell everyone about the changes and keep you updated.

Until then, take care.

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9 Responses to Published and the Future!

  1. Wolsey says:

    I love you. OMG! We did it!

  2. Congratulations! Just ordered a copy and can’t wait to read it (and give you a proper review!)

  3. Dave says:

    I just ordered a paper back from amazon. My wife is also becoming my husband, and as a cis-het-male I’m pretty overwhelmed. I want to stay with him, but it’s just so very confusing. It’s only been a few weeks, at the really early stages. I hope that maybe your book can help, and it gives me hope (since I know the statistics for marriages like ours surviving something like this are terrible).

    I’m just glad to see one couple that actually made it.

  4. Nameless Awkward Closeted Trans Man Trying To Seem Chill says:

    I hadn’t heard of your blog before, but just finished reading your book in two sittings, and appreciate it so much. It really does help affirm my own feelings about being a man and wanting to stay in my marriage. I’m 27, living in Seattle far away from my complicated family and friends, and just came out to my husband this past year. I’m honestly overwhelmed with my options going forward, so I’ve just been hesitating and biting my nails over it. I know we have a prominent LGBT+ community here, but I’ve never felt I fit in or “counted” since I’m currently in what appears to be a hetero relationship as a “cis woman”. It’s a relief that I’m not as alone as I thought. I’d love to meet you both if I get the chance!

    P.S. Are there any particularly inclusive/low-key, maybe even FTM specific, D&D groups you know of in the area?

    • Hi!!!
      I am glad that Wolsey and I’s experience might have helped. Things are going to be hard, just know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have been there.

      Funny enough we live in the Seattle area, but I suspect you knew that :). We lived in Everett, then Lynnwood and finally Renton while the blog was in full swing. We currently live down in Tacoma with new jobs.

      Right now there is a lot of medical stuff going on, but I would love to meet over coffee. As for D&D I normally run a D&D game myself, we just put our current campaign on hiatus (it has been an 18 month campaign) and it included 2 transgender people, a gender fluid person and multiple bisexual people involved with poly, with no tolerance for bigots.

      If we get stuff going again you are welcome to meet the players and we could see if it would be a fit (the campaign has a full website, if you go to you will see the campaign up until last month).

      I know there is a fully committed FTM support group in Tacoma somewhere, my hubby wants to try it out once our medical stuff is resolved, and the seattle area itself is fairly transgender friendly in the gaming arena. The one problem with Seattle is the “Seattle Freeze” which is a real thing, but maybe not as bad as some say.

      If you want I can see if I can find some links for groups for you.

    • Wolsey says:

      Thanks so much for reading our book. That’s just really humbling. Thank you so much.

      We were never too involved with the local LGBTQ scene because we were worried for the same reasons. We looked like a cis straight couple for a long time. I’ve been to Seattle Pride with friends once, and it was a helluva experience, and far more welcoming than I’d imagined. I keep meaning to be more active, but we have so many out of state things happening right now it’s hard to get anything going.

      There is a local Washington Facebook group for FTM’s. I lost track of it a year or so ago. It’s invite to join, but if you ever get to the Tacoma FTM support group I am sure they can hook you up. I just don’t use FB, but a lot of local FTM folks are in it. There’s no criteria for joining, but one guy invites the next so as to keep the TERFs and haters down to a minimum.

      I’ve known other transgender men that have gone to the Tacoma T-Men meetups, and were happy with it, I just can’t seem to escape our crazy schedule lately. Here is there website: I’ve heard good things about their monthly potlucks. If I can ever get sorted, I am going to go.

      We had an excellent experience advertising for a D&D group when the spouse was running one. We advertised explicitly on a couple of looking for group sites, stating we had LGBTQ folks, specifically transgender folks. We had more responses than expected, and no issue came up regarding the LGBTQ angle. I’ve also found a lot of the local stores between Everett to Tacoma were supper okay with me being out and mid transition. The Everett MuGu gaming shop cared less about my gender identity, and more about what games they could get me into. It’s kind of been that way across the board. I was super nervous, but everyone took my existence in stride. I mean, watch out for some of the riff raff, but overall very welcoming. Hell, I was at a gaming store in Tacoma with an identifiable transgender lady, and the guy behind the counter never even blinked. I love the Pacific Northwest for that.

      If you look me up as Wolsey Bradley on Facebook, I’ll add you. I don’t use it, but if you PM me I’ll get that. Be warned there is always a lag because I don’t use it. That way if you need answers to specific local area things, or want to talk you can.

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