Blog Endings

Hi Everyone,

I know it has been awhile since I have posted. I didn’t want to detract from the message or sentiments in this blog with my life changes, but life does change and enough people have contacted me in my new situation to realize I might as well put it here so you can follow the husband and I’s further adventures.

A typical look the two of us together when he transitioned.

Like I said in my first post on this site “BEGINNINGS”, I am transgender myself. I didn’t feel I could come out though, that I would never reach where I would consider an acceptable point in transition.  Well… as of March 13, 2018 I did come out and I began my transition. It was that or suicide. Since then I have definitely become more feminine, I have lost more than 115lbs and I am about halfway through my own transition.

How I looked when posting here late 2017/early 2018

How I looked in Late August/Early September 2019 after a little over a year of transition (no filters, just good sunlight).

That doesn’t take away anything from this blog though. I was presenting and living as a man and I still feel this is all valid. However, if you want to see my actual personal journal, just go to I did have a transition only blog but hated doubling up with my personal so it got collapsed into my personal blog. I feel my personal blog is better anyways. It has the whole story, not just snippets of my transition.

This is from a little earlier in my transition. We are still together and still happy.

I welcome all of you over at my new blog. There you will see both hubby and I as we transition back into a weirdly straight looking relationship (but we are both trans so that is the furthest from straight you can get). I will still get any notifications of comments sent here, so please feel free to contact me.

Even though this is officially wrapping up this blog, I still can’t thank you all enough for everything over the past 7 years. The support has been tremendous, the experiences are life changing and I am so very proud of this blog, the people and the things that happened. I hope you will join me on my own journey, and if you don’t, I hope you have a great life, thank you for everything. I truly mean that from my soul.

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  1. Your blogs, your book and your actual life are all amazing 🙂 Will continue following along!

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