Bye Bye DoD

It has been awhile since we talked and I figured I would catch you all up on at least part of our life. Things have been incredibly busy. The hubby is incredibly happy that he no longer works for the DoD, especially after he filed harassment claim and not only did they not do anything to that horrible manager, they rewarded her with a position she has been wanting.

Well fast forward to a couple of weeks ago I quit the DoD as well. The toxicity is just ramping up even more and it is pretty horrific place to work if you are  not a white cisgendered heterosexual christian male. People are starting to parrot Trumpisms with no sense of irony or parody and it is incredibly horrible.

While it is the best paying job I have had and I did have a bit of an anxiety attack about no money, I quit anyways and now two weeks later I have absolutely no qualms about doing that. We were moving about 35 miles away anyways for the hubby’s new job and this is a clean break. I found myself hating my job every night, dreading going to work and I knew it wasn’t healthy. I feel so much better, it probably contributed to me losing 60 pounds since March (I knew I was quitting then).

My worries may not have been well founded. I already have a contingent offer from a local government auditing (at about the same pay rate) but we will have to see if it pans out. If it doesn’t I think I can go back to working for the ESD as well. However, wherever I go will have Washington state protection of LGBTQ people, and I think that is the safest.

We moved to Tacoma and I will go into a lot of detail about it later. We are going to the Tacoma Pride festival in July and I am excited about that. The city itself seems very accepting (even with the loud MAGA minority here) and I feel fairly secure for hubby. After all his security is all I care about.

So I just wanted to tell you all that the Department of Defense saga is now over. There are some funny details I will probably write about later, but for now I am just happy it is done. I don’t begrudge working there for the fact it paid for hubby’s surgeries (maybe not through medical but at least through a paycheck) and paid for my parents end of life situation/funeral. Plus if it works out when we cash out it will wipe all short term debt (i.e. non-student loan debt) leaving us with some breathing room.

Just thought I would give a quick update, more to come. 🙂

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3 Responses to Bye Bye DoD

  1. So much going on! – have a great summer 🙂

    • Lucky says:

      Thank you very much!!! It will be a great summer! I hope things are going well for you and that the summer doesn’t get too hot for you folks. I wish we could move as far north as you, but that would make us Canadian (which we would LOVE) but I expect Canada to be building a wall pretty soon to keep Trump and the Americans out 🙂

    • Lucky says:

      Doh I am an idiot, I forgot you aren’t as far north as I was thinking. I was thinking you guys are further north then Vancouver, but like most US Geography students… I suck at anything not within a few hundred miles.

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