Still not how our dinner looked.

Not our Xmas dinner!

Christmas has never gone well in our household. In the beginning (and for many years) Jello and I were expected to show up at two households (not quite true, my parents only asked we show at one holiday during the year and we could rotate, but Jello’s parents weren’t down for swapping holidays). Maybe someday I will go in depth about that, it is a pretty horrible story though.

Fortunately for both of us, Jello cut off all communications with his parents about 6 years ago, so it has only been my family on the holidays. Still a lot of stress, but better than it was.

Last set of holidays (in 2014). Jello felt mostly at home in his body, but he was still freshly out to my parents and siblings and he was very stressed about the meeting. He was welcomed warmly and it went very well (might have been a bit awkward with my sister, but she tried).

This year things went even better. While there were lots of health issues with my parents, and lots of sibling drama, the actual get together was incredibly smooth. My family never once messed up on pronouns, not even my mother. Don’t get me wrong, my mother means really well, but she is at the onset of dementia so sometimes the pronouns are wrong (she corrects herself when she realizes it).

Jello just seemed happier, more at home. I am fairly sure it has to do with how comfortable he is with his body. I suspect next holidays will be even better since he should be fully healed from his top surgery and hopefully he will feel like he fits in his body.

headmirrorOh, and a side note he has his first consultation with his doctor for top surgery on 1/18/16. The insurance has approved his consultation and he has already been to the single “see our therapist” session about two weeks ago.

We are EXCITED!!!

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2 Responses to Holidays

  1. Me says:

    Hi. This doesn’t really apply to anything in your blog post but I wanted to say thanks to you guys for keeping this blog. It means a lot.

    Hope you two have even better holidays next year and also good luck to Jello with the top surgery consultation.

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