Flying out soon

Love Wins

Love Wins

Well Jello flies out to Atlanta for two weeks of training this Sunday. I knew since he got hired to work with me at my agency that it would be happening, but it sort of finally sunk in.

This will suck, we have only been separated once for this long before (for the same job training). The worst part about this is they changed the training of new auditors to our agency. He is going to have to go down there for 2 weeks, then come back for 30 days, then go down for 2 more weeks, then back for another 30 days then finally another 2 weeks. So in next 4.5 months he will be down there 1.5.

The distance sucks and not seeing him (but we will talk and text every day of course), but I just worry about him in the south without me. A small trans man probably is safer than a trans lady, but I am not sure that makes me feel much better (last year when I went down at this time, 2 trans women were beaten on the MARTA).

Now, I know Jello will take care of himself, and he is a tough guy. I also know he won’t probably use the MARTA except to get back and forth to the airport. Still makes me nervous.

The other part I dislike is the way LGBTQA are treated/looked at down there in general. I always meant to write additional posts about what I saw down there, but focusing on the dislike was just too tiring to do so I never got around to it.

Don’t get me wrong, I know I have been told there is a vibrant LGBTQA community down there, but the work thing doesn’t give either of us much time to explore that.

This means over the next few months, I will probably whine at all of you, sorry about that šŸ™‚

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