A question for you… the reader

Today Jello was talking with me. He has some things he wants to write about, but no longer has the blog/site to write those things at. We talked and I asked him if he wanted to start writing here.

I mean the people here are already great, they listen and are supportive.

He was worried it might bother some of you since this started purely as a spouse of a trans individual’s blog. I told him I thought it would be great, but like I said, he wanted to know if you folks were ok with it.

Besides, I was going to start writing about news articles and stories within this subject matter (of LGBTA things) since things have settled so much about the actual transition.

Are you folks ok with Jello writing here as well?

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10 Responses to A question for you… the reader

  1. Hi! I am the wife of a transgender person, and appreciate hearing from your whole family! We partners are supportive advocates of the T part of LGBT. Bring on Jello, I say!!!

  2. Lesboi says:

    It’s your blog. Do what you want with it. I know of several blogs that both spouses participate in and it’s nice to hear from both perspectives. Just let us know who’s talking or it can get confusing.

  3. Antyem says:

    Id like to hear from jello.

  4. Kasey Weird says:

    It would be nice to hear from Jello!

  5. Would be happy to hear both of your perspectives on things.

  6. doubleinvert says:

    Hi there! I’m the trans partner of nursemajicdanser above, and I too would love to read what Jello has to write!

  7. I would absolutely love to gear from Jello…It’s be awesome to hear his prospective, and hwo he processes things. I always love reading blogs where the family chimes in…god for it!

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