OPM-logoIt has been a hugely busy summer, but I figured I would take ten minutes and get people caught up ;).

Jello’s job as an Accounts Payable/Accounts Receivable lead at the foreclosure firm sucks. I don’t recall how much I have talked about it, but the drama, the fact he has to be involved in the accounting of a firm specializing in foreclosures, and the fact he is trans and they don’t know result in huge stresses.

I have told him the whole time he can quit whenever he wants. He could stay home and we would get by and I would be just as happy. Well he wants to work (so we can save up quicker for the top surgery – which there will be a post about that soon), and also it makes him feel better, which I definitely understand.

Well last week he walked out of his job, told his boss to go to hell and became one of the unemployed ranks. This has meant I get fed better (I really suck at taking care of myself) and he is much less stressed. It also was a glimpse of a better future, now that he wasn’t working at the soul sucking corporation.

Well, after being unemployed for a week he got an offer from the Department of Defense to do the same auditing job I do. Evidently when he was interviewed a while ago they really liked him and he starts in September. We won’t be on the same team, but we will work at the same facility. I can help him out learning when he gets home (he has only done accounting, never been an auditor before, he will pick it up quick).

The big advantage is that management that interviewed him already knows he is trans. Since our three offices work together in this area, it is relatively common knowledge for many of the staff that I have been married to him for 23 years this upcoming Halloween so the trans stuff came up for many of them with me (oh and now I remember I need to do a post about everyone’s reaction to my photos in my cube).

So yay! He is now a member of the Department of Defense. He is hoping to last there a year (he will last longer, he just has short goals). That way if it doesn’t work out, he will still have hiring preferences if he decides to go to a different agency. He is also making more money as a very low level entry auditor (GS-7) then he did as a nurse after 13 years (he was an LPN, which they joke is short for “Low Paid Nurse”).

So both of us are federal employees. He is a little nervous, he goes to Atlanta for two weeks for “on-boarding”. At least he gets a small vacation between now and the 20th of September.

Oh, and a side note, last week I got promoted to a GS-11!!!! Yay!!!

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3 Responses to Changes

  1. Sounds awesome! Good for him for walking out on a crappy boss and standing up for himself. Sounds like he’ll like this new job much better. Send him my congrats!

  2. Vicofborg says:

    Yay short unemployment periods! I approve of those. And working in the same facility is the kind of spousal-awesome I’ve never been able to accomplish, so congrats!

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