First, let me be very very clear, passing or not passing as most people call it has no reflection on the person who is trans, and this isn’t meant as a judgment of that, rather if someone “passes” they are more likely to be safe and when it comes to Wolsey I just want him safe. No matter how you present though, just be proud of yourself!

My intrepid hubby has been at his new job for six weeks now and he loves it. During this time everyone has been treating him great. He gets along with everyone, and at no point in time has anyone clocked him as trans. Not ever a single doubt.Not through the interview process, working with multiple auditors and supervisors no one has assumed anything other then he is a cisgendered guy.

I think the only person that might have had a chance to know anything had worked with me about 8 years ago (for the same agency).Recently Wolsey told her that he was married to me, and she remembered me. I do think it is humorous though that she either forgot I had a wife back then, or maybe she thought I got divorced and remarried. Either way, evidently no one else can tell (I don’t think I could if I wasn’t already married to him).

I am reporting this back because this is the first real experience we have watched with him working with people closely and there isn’t even a blink about his appearance. It makes me feel calmer, it means he is safer then he was 2 years ago. He will be left alone unless he decides to reveal that information.

That is my big takeaway from this, my husband is safer now. I am grateful for that.

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