Safeway Bathroom

Just a funny picture.

Just a funny picture of Jello and Marmalade.

This weekend on our way up to see my parents, Jello and I stopped at a Safeway grocery store. The trip is about 100 miles each direction so we wanted something to snack on and drink.

We got in the store and Jello decided to go use the restroom. I didn’t think anything about it and a couple of minutes later I realized I should probably use it too since we would be driving for almost two hours.

I get into the bathroom and I realize someone else is in one of the stalls. I do my thing and wash my hands. While I am washing my hands I realize for the first time ever, the other person in the stall is Jello. For the first time ever both my husband and I are in the same public bathroom.

It was momentarily surreal, in a cool but unexpected way. Of course at this point I said something smartass to him in the stall. He hesitated a second, probably trying to figure out if someone was calling him out (it is a worry he has, that someone will yell at him for being in the wrong bathroom). After a moment he realized it was me and said something smart ass back (I don’t recall what).

I then went into the rest of the store and moved on. We laughed about it in the car. I just wanted to share the experience. It was a tiny experience, caused a little bit of disorientation when it happened but was funny.

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4 Responses to Safeway Bathroom

  1. Jello says:

    Yeah, that was a bit odd for me too. I’m still anxious about bathrooms, but I have had bathroom anxiety for so long, I doubt it’ll go away anytime soon. Doesn’t help when I get misgendered occasionally, and worry about how that’s going to play out in the bathroom with urinals.

  2. Lesboi says:

    I’m in that awkward in-between phase but seem to be getting called sir more and more even without binding and I’m feeling VERY cautious about using the restrooms, either men’s or women’s, these days. I really don’t know which one to use and still default to the women’s room. I have yet to get the courage to use the men’s room in public so I really understand bathroom anxiety. It’s nice that you guys can both go in together. I know that would make me feel better but unfortunately it’s the other way around for my situation since I’m in a relationship with a woman. Going into the women’s room with my partner makes me feel a lot safer than going in alone.

    • As someone who has used guy bathrooms for decades, if you go to the stall, any guys in there won’t notice. Seriously we don’t notice anything in the bathroom except to keep our eyes down. Once you get used to going into the guy’s bathroom, you are a guy, you will do the same, it’s a guy thing :).

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