First Time

iPhone Love

Someone is excited about their new iPhone.

Jello got hit on by a guy for the first time tonight. We went to Red Robin in order to celebrate getting iPhones. I left for the bathroom and as I came out I noticed the bartender was chummy with my hubby.

Not to worry, I am not jealous and we are a poly couple so no worries there. However, I knew he wasn’t interested anyways. The funny part is that Wolsey was pretty excited looking for the rest of dinner.

After we left Wolsey explained the guy leaned over and was hitting on him. This is the first time that Wolsey has been hit on as a guy, by another guy. It was a first for him, and I thought I would report it here.

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2 Responses to First Time

  1. Jello says:

    It was definitely a fascinating turn of events.

  2. talkswithwind says:


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