Jello’s 5 Month Update

My husband Jello’s 5 month update on testosterone!

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4 Responses to Jello’s 5 Month Update

  1. Jamie Ray says:

    Very cool. Two things, first not sure what size Jello is but I am a 38C and the only binders I can tolerate are “velcro” so I can adjust them. I am using double design co from Les Love Boat – they cost like 60$+ each but they are durable and comfortable. Second, if Jello doesn’t like the term passing, try the term “read” as in he was read as male. What I like about it is it puts the responsibility of getting the gender right on the other person, the one who is “reading.” If Jello is mis-gendered as female it is the fault of the person who didn’t read him correctly.

  2. jello says:

    Hey, thanks for the info. I haven’t met anyone that has used the Les Love Boat ones yet, so that’s good info. I’m like a 38 DD, so there’s a lot to squish.

    I really like the term “read”. I think I’m going to use that from now on. I really appreciate the input.

    • I’ve bought from Les Love Boat, one of their velcro hinders as well though I have a lot less to bind than either of you. They work well for me, they’re extremely comfortable even in the heat but they show a bit under tight fitting shirts. I’m skinny as a rail and they make it look like I have more to pectoral muscles than I should. Underworks 997 works brilliantly for me, though it gets hot and itchy but no one can tell a thing when I’m wearing it. I do think I may cut off the bottom half and try to sew it up so it’s more like a tri top than a full shirt because I don’t have a stomach to bind up.

      • jello says:

        I have an the underworks. I have a helluva lot to squish down, so to get flat, it is very uncomfortable. I do recommend cutting the bottom half off. I did that, and it made it less likely to flap around under my shirts.

        I’ll definitely look at Les Love Boat with so many positive comments.

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