Jello passes!

Saturday was a first, the first time ever that Jello was assumed to be a boy when we went out together.

We walked over to a local breakfast diner and sat and had brunch. It was a great time, just hanging with him is all I want to do. The meal was like normal, we joked around, talked about what we were doing later that day (also consoling each other on the cost of the recent car repair).

When Jello asked for the bill (he was taking me out), the waitress smiled and asked if we wanted separate bill for each of us. She obviously assumed Jello was a guy. It was not only the first time he had evidently passed fully (I am so proud of him) but also the first time in 21+ years of marriage that the wait staff assumed we weren’t together.

He was stunned that he had passed enough to get that response. He chattered the rest of the day about it. I was very happy for him. I am so very proud of how far he has come. It was weird though, it was the first step into the LGBT+ world for me. The first time that we didn’t look like boyfriend/girlfriend or husband/wife. I am sure this is probably what gay couples go through all the time. It was an unexpected feeling, and my first symptom of some loss of privilege of being a heterosexual, Christian, white male. I might unpack that later and look at how I feel about that, but right now I am just celebrating Jello’s first time passing.

I have a picture from that meal (I take lots of pictures, I need a better camera) it isn’t the best photo, but this is what he looked like.

Jello at the Strawberry Patch.

Jello at the Strawberry Patch.

It was a good weekend.

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4 Responses to Jello passes!

  1. Samuel says:

    Awesome! It is a weird feeling when people assume my husband and I are just friends, and one of us pays the bill (we do sometimes split a bill, it just depends on who made more money that week, or if one of us is taking the other out) and we’ll even sit on the same side of a booth or table and get asked that, lol. You get used to it, and if we’re out together I usually hold his hand or kiss him anyway, (I’m a touchy feely person with him like that)

    I’m looking for to his five months on T update video! I’ve started having similar issues he did with muscle cramps being extraordinarily painful, and was wondering if he’d found something that helps with that, even though I’m a month and a half on T.


    • I think his video will be out fairly soon. I think he is a little behind because he is graduating in six weeks and he complains he is too old for all the stress :).

      I will remind him though to do it, just in case he forgot.

  2. rimonim says:

    Congrats to you both! It is a pleasure to read about your beautiful marriage and journey together.

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