First Time Introductions

I realize it has been a little bit since my last post. Unfortunately my work has been a killer so I apologize, I should be posting more now.

Yesterday was the first time I introduced my husband as my husband to new people. Up until now I haven’t really met anyone new in our group. They all are aware of Jello and are fully supportive. Yesterday we decided to go check out the local gaming store, I was considering purchasing my first set of Warhammer 40k figs in about twenty years.

We showed up at the store and in normal gamer geek friendliness we were swamped with three different gentleman who wanted to show us around the store. It was funny though, one of them stopped and looked at Jello for a few seconds. I don’t think he meant at all to be rude, rather you could see he was adjusting his thought pattern. Jello passes if someone doesn’t look closely (the T is starting to work, but he looks like a very little kid at the moment if people don’t notice the boobs, which will be fixed within a year). The new person looked him over and hesitated. After a few seconds they obviously made some decision on Jello and went back to normal.

I think the initial judgment by that gentleman was that Jello was a girl, since he did a double take when I referenced Jello as my husband and as a he in our conversation. Even so they were all very nice, and honestly their reactions were very fair. When I got home I thanked them on the facebook page for the store for how they made me and my husband feel very welcome. I got over dozen replies from them and others welcoming us. So at least at an initial glance my first introduction to new people with my husband went well.

I do have to admit I was a bit nervous. Now we are entering a phase where the world will see me in a homosexual relationship. I honestly have no personal problems with that, but its new territory. I am a bit terrified that I will get the push back for being gay from the straight people I meet, but that I won’t be accepted by the LGBT community. I have read a lot lately that some people have never been accepted within the gay community and I do worry my social/friend status will be cut short because I don’t fit in to any group anymore.

I suspect I will be writing a lot about that. My focus has been so much on supporting my husband I really haven’t talked or thought about the push back I will get. Although I do have an advantage, I grew up in a house of feral dogs and I love fighting. I do look forward to being in someone’s face and telling them what I think of them (whether its because they are dissing me or my husband won’t matter… actually I will probably be ten times more aggressive if they diss my husband).

So as a warning, there will probably be lots of posts about this in the future.

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