First Month Update from Jello

First month update from the husband about the changes he has had from testosterone.

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3 Responses to First Month Update from Jello

  1. Fantastic update. I’m still super greasy a year or so in … but never got the bad facial acne I’d been told about. Very interesting about the Graves Disease symptoms easing up. My asthma seems to have gotten better since I’ve been on T. I wonder if anyone is studying these sorts of effects.

    • Reinventing Lucky says:

      I will ask Jello about that (he was a nurse for over a decade, maybe he has heard). I am glad to hear about the asthma though, that is a good sign!

      • I’ve heard anecdotes from other trans men that their symptoms of Lupus eased up after they started T, so I’m wondering if that kind of thing gets followed up on.

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