Thankful on Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 2017 everyone, I just wanted to wish everyone that, and to share something that I am very thankful for.

One of the things I am very grateful for is that Wolsey’s dysphoria over appearing feminine did not extend to pictures of our past, or force him to have to hide that we were together before he transitioned.

Thanksgiving Dinner, one year into transition for Wolsey in 2014 (second from right), sadly I am not in it since I was only one to take photos

I know other transgender people don’t have that luxury, and other couples have had to hide both their pre-transition lives together. I completely understand that, and would have done it if he needed it.

That would have been one of the roughest parts of Wolsey’s transition for me, if I had to permenanatly jettison 20+ years of my life with my husband because pictures make him hurt. We only did that for a short time and it was rough.

We were stealth when he first came out, its why I got rid of my original Facebook, moved my videos to a new channel and basically cutoff anything before 2013. This was because of his first job and with how crazy they were.

Now that we are out and loud, it does make life harder in some ways. We get the normal issues that anyone out of the closet gets, and it can be hard. However, I discovered it was harder for me being stealth. I had to hide who I was (there is a post about this coming up) and I had to let people put me in some stereotypical boxes that weren’t accurate. It was worth it for my husband and my marriage, but it wasn’t easy.

Now though, I can proudly show people pictures from twenty years ago, tell stories about what happened and not have to constantly worry I might out Wolsey. I am very thankful for that on this Thanksgiving Day.

Wolsey and myself 1993 at his parents house. I think this is the only photo of us together on a Thanksgiving.

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