7/7/2017 Background Radiation

Below is a list of the top stories that made it through the cacophony of anti-LGBT news stories this week. I like to call this constant stream of hate filled instances Background Radiation, because we have to live with it. It’s there. It never leaves. It’s always in the background of our lives.

I’d liked to start with the ridiculous this week. So much of the anti LGBT stories I get are just downright nutty. I mean, don’t get me wrong, the people these stories are about are folks that hate LGBT people, and go out of their way to attack us. They just aren’t playing with a full deck.


You know she means business because she says that gays raped the rainbow, and stole it from Christians. This is Linda Harvey, the founder of anti-LGBT Christian group Mission America. They are a hate group.

We have to take groups like this serious because of the damage they can do, but this woman sounds unhinged. She’s got her hyperbole meter stuck on 11, when it needs to be a 5.

As a bonus, she wants us to have a new flag, with “lots and lots of black”. I guess for her black = bad.

Headline: Russian MP: Angela Merkel kissed Satan over same sex marriage

Angela Merkel kind of back doored same sex marriage into legality in Germany without having to vote yes on it herself. It was an artful bit of politicing. She kept her party alliances, got to vote no, but also bowed to the increasing pressure from the population at large and her opposition.

A Russian MP named Vitaly Milonov has gone full hyperbole on the Satan train because of this. He insists that she has made a deal with Satan, and kissed him to seal the deal. That’s not the only Satan comment he has about her. Like the weird lady above, his hyperbole meter is off the charts.

I mean, this is all hyperbole for these people right? Please tell me it’s hyperbole, and they don’t actually believe these things. . .

Headline: Christian baker says that Jesus wouldn’t bake a cake for gay people

Okay, remember Jack Phillips out of Colorado? No? Remember the baker that refused to bake a cake for a gay couple? I bet you remember that.

This guy now claims Jesus wouldn’t bake a cake for a gay couple. You know, because Jesus was all about withholding food, and and shunning people. Does this guy even have a bible?

Headline: Boycott Raspberry PI Foundation

This is a real change.org petition. The author of this petition feels that the Raspberry Pi Foundation is pushing an LGBT agenda.

“The Raspberry Pi Foundation is a charity founded in 2009 to promote the study of basic computer science in schools, and is responsible for developing a single-board computer called the Raspberry Pi, the UK’s best-selling PC of all time.” – According to the wiki page. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Raspberry_Pi_Foundation

This is some level ten crack-potting right here with this petition.

As amusing as these people can be, these are still people that are actively working to attack folks in the LGBT community. At least I can laugh at these ones. The next ones are not so funny.

Headline: Trump Administration Appoints Anti-Transgender Activist To Gender Equality Post

This is a lot more concerning, when real life trolls and anti-LGBT people get into positions where they can effect policy.

Headline: Pentagon delays decision on transgender recruits

Delaying this is a mixed bag for me. On the one hand, I work for the Department of Defense. That means I can see how it’s going to take them a damn long time to figure this out.

On the other hand, there are already transgender soldiers out there. Hell, I have talked to quite a few transgender men over the years that serve active duty. Some are out, some are stealth. They still exist. It vexes me that this has been an thing as long as we have had a military, and just now they are freaking out about it.

I want our transgender soldiers to have protections, so they don’t have to serve stealth, or be dependent on their immediate superiors reactions. Also, don’t think for a second, the GOP isn’t trying to repeal this. A delay may be a tactic to figure out how to do just that.

Headline: Woman shot to death in Virginia is the 15th reported trans murder victim of 2017

Another week, another violent loss of a transgender women. It’s so common, and so horrifying. If you are the praying sort, pray. If you are the donating sort, donate to your LGBT causes. They need it in the current political climate.

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