Update (mostly Phoenix) 6/7/17

I felt there were a couple little things to update today.

Phoenix Trip Confirmation Number: The first thing I wanted to tell you folks two weeks ago was how ironic the confirmation #GAYZWS was for our trip down.

Last Minute Information about Your Trip

Yes, we were both 12 year olds when we say “GAYZ” in the confirmation and we giggle.

We realize people see patterns everywhere, but thought that was absolutely fantastic what this was, especially because of the reason for the trip. We had wanted to talk about it, we just didn’t want the info to go public before we flew down and back, just so someone else couldn’t mess with it.

Book Update: The publisher contacted us yesterday. They are still aiming for a September release. There was some sort of issue (not with us) that slowed them down. They didn’t realize that Wolsey was getting the bottom surgery and asked if we were going to put that in the book. We said we definitely could, we just need them to confirm if they like the format the current chapters are in.

I suspect it won’t actually be released by September, I am thinking end of the year (nothing goes as fast as everyone seems to say). However, it is still nice to know they are looking at the items.

Phoenix Stuff: I have more stuff coming, just observations on Phoenix/Arizona/Out Trip. Not all of it will be directly relatable to LGBTQA, but since the trip was about that I will still cross post it here.

In addition I have a ton of more stuff to talk about for the next several weeks, so be prepared :).

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