Surgery Trip: Day 2

This is also crossposted in my personal blog, because it is that important.

The first full day in Scottsdale and I woke up and wandered around outside. It was a chilly 78 degrees (sarcasm) but a beautiful sunrise.

I can’t see any different sunrise colors, just a pale yellow for me, but I figure I will leave it color for those non-colorblind people.

There are a lot of businesses around our hotel. The Lo-Lo’s I talked about yesterday, a Denny’s, a horrible Albertson’s that didn’t have anything we needed and an old school Safeway. The most unique thing I forget is in other states is the over advertisement for guns. Especially when they offer to sell you guns, and give you loans in the same place. Seems weird to be desperate enough to need to get a loan, but hey, while you are here go ahead and buy a gun. I realize this is in Seattle area as well, but not nearly as common.

Guns and loans (especially title loans) somehow not making me feel safe.

We then went to the hubby’s pre-op appointment and spoke with Dr. Meltzer and Dr. Ley. It was great to see them again. The Doctors both checked the hubby and everything was good to go. We then got to meet Dr. Webb, the OBGYN that will be doing the hysterectomy, oophorectomy, and vaginectomy. I was amused by Dr. Webb, he seems pretty laid back. Overall seeing all three doctors really reassured me.

He is so thrilled, and I am excited for him.

We didn’t do much the rest of the day. We went back to the hotel room, napped a bit and waited for the hubby to start his prep for surgery. While we were there, our friend Torie was kind enough to go feed Ghost (our cat). Here he is waiting in the hubby’s computer chair, disappointed we haven’t come home.

He is fragile, this is actually pretty brave of him.

Finally at 5pm it was time for the hubby to start his preparation for the surgery, it involved a very uncomfortable drink and a long night. Here he is looking anxious about the process,

That was it for the second day. Tomorrow he goes into surgery, and things will progress. I am both excited and terrified for him. I also love him more than anything in this universe.


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4 Responses to Surgery Trip: Day 2

  1. Tomi says:

    Crossing fingers and sending good vibes!

  2. Ray says:

    My partner and I were in Scottsdale just a month ago and went to Dr. Ley for her bottom surgery consult! They really know their stuff in that office.

    • They do, they are fantastic. Both Dr. Meltzer and Dr. Ley have been great. Dr. Webb who does the hysterectomy, oophorectomy and vaginectomy for Wolsey was also really great.

      Hopefully you get the nurse Wolsey had too, I believe his name was Jeff. It was definitely a great experience. I feel much better about November and his Mons Resection.

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