Background Radiation 4/28/2017

This is my weekly roundup of the background radiation I am exposed to. It’s usually the bad and ugly of how the world treats LGBT folks, with a heavier emphasis on the T’s. I like to leave the full links exposed because then you can see where the article is.

Let’s do things a little differently. I feel like the internet is a firehose dispensing crap LGBT news, and I have not been able to catch up this week. These aren’t even all the stories. These are just the big ones, that really hit my news feeds. There are other states considering bathroom bills, and Hawaii isn’t okaying same sex couples reproductive help. I mean the list is huge this week. I’ve curated the ones below, but I’m adding in several links when I have them.

Mark Green, Trumps pick for the US Army Secretary hates LGBT folks.

But apparently anyone questioning this guy’s record on LGBT rights is the real problem here?

This guy has stated he thinks being transgender is a disease, and wants to “get the toothpaste back in the tube.” You know, back to the days when we were invisible, and nobody cared if they discriminated against us.

He is utterly reprehensible, and should not be in charge of our military in any capacity.

Chechnya is going full on anti LGBT with torture, rounds ups, and camps.

Here’s an article stating Ramzan Kadyrov wants to get right of LGBT folks by Ramadan. This is horrific, and how do you even write about something like this?

They know of six secret prisons now. This article talks about getting your loved ones back requires bribing the police with a lot of money.

Iran is also rounding up gay men, with 30 men being taken.

The thing about Iran is that they do “anal examinations” to prove homosexual acts. This is out right rape. Some of these horrific countries do this to “prove” people are gay.

Another transgender woman was killed.

I think this marks the 9th woman killed this year, despite the second articles round up. It’s still April, so that is what? 2 to 3 transgender women murdered a month.

It’s hard to figure out these numbers because officials often misgender transgender people when they are killed. It’s not out of line to think these numbers might be higher. We are are a hard population to pin down, and get misidentified so much.

Fifteen men attacked some lesbians in the UK.

This was a horrific attack, that tantimounted to a mob scene. One of the galls had seven of her teeth knocked out, and her lower jaw dislocated. They have arrested a few of the men, but the real aggravation is that the the police let men that were involved in the attack leave the bar in a taxi.

I guess according to the article a formal complaint has been filed against the police on this. I guess Sherlock Holmes really is a fiction, if cops in the UK do this.

Texas governor Greg Abbott is all in on this Texas bathroom bill.

Despite all the protests, Texas wants a bathroom bill. . . . I am so sick of bathroom bills.

Lastly, a transgender woman was denied food at a soup kitchen

Just really? You are a center that helps the homeless and destitute, but you are okay with letting someone go hungry because they are transgender? I’m not religious, but I am pretty sure that is NOT what Jesus would do.

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