Gut hurt

I am sure this is only the first of many posts dealing with the results of the elections this year (2016). I had several articles/posts ready to be worked on but after last night I figured I should get my initial thoughts and feelings out for posterity.

Yep, its like that.

Yep, its like that.

I am not too surprised at what happened. Of course I am hurt that a sexist, racist, homophobic and xenophobic person was elected, but not surprised. I have spent a lot of time traveling over the last two years to the southern states and it was there I saw this in action the most, but I have seen it locally as well.

Don’t get me wrong, there was more than just the sexism, racism, bigotry and homophobia that was the cause for his election as president. People are angry, they want real change. Sadly I don’t think they are going to get the change they really want from a rich guy who has been bankrupt four times. People are reaching to make something great, when it was never great in that way.

After I watched the election results roll in, I felt like I was punched in the gut though, not because of all the slew of liberal/progressive issues I am in favor of, but for the safety of Wolsey. The first thing I thought about was his safety.

We fortunately live in a very very blue area, but this election has not only shown we haven’t progressed as a society as far as I had hoped, but there will be those that will take this as a sign to attack verbally, physically, legally anyone that doesn’t believe like they do.

I am suspecting there will be an increase in attacks on the LGBTQA community, even in my blue area. I don’t worry about myself. I am a big guy, most people leave me alone anyways, and even if they don’t it isn’t much of a worry. I worry a lot about my husband though. Not that he isn’t tough, but he is the person I love most in this world. I don’t want to see him in pain. This includes emotional pain from the hatred that this election is spewing forth towards everyone, especially transgender individuals.

I suspect I will be writing a lot, which is a good thing for me anyways, but I wish it was for other reasons.

I guess we get to live in “interesting times”. Personally I would rather live in boring, safe and happy times.

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4 Responses to Gut hurt

  1. Me too. This is far too interesting for all the wrong reasons. I’m so sorry. I’m on the other side of the world and we’re grieving too.
    Stay safe out there. Me, I’m going to persist in enjoying beautiful mornings, kids, dogs, poetry and wine. Good people exist. And love will win.

    • Thank you very much. I believe you are right, good people exist and love will win. I am also sorry that this may have such long reaching complications to everyone else in the world, depending on what Trump actually follows through.

      Mmmm… good wine is sounding kind of nice actually.

  2. Jamie Ray says:

    It is going to be very ugly. When I started working (for New York State in 1981) I actually had to take a loyalty oath to uphold the New York State Constitution – it was a holdover from McCarthyism. When I was being sworn in I asked if they had a copy of the state constitution that I could read, and they told me to either raise my hand and swear to it, or to give up the job. I needed a job so I swore to it. I wouldn’t be surprised to see those oaths coming back.
    I’m hoping that your job and work place will not be too adversely affected – Seattle is a lot like NYC in that it is a magnet for queers, political people, and misfits. In really bad times people from the hinterlands flock to places like it. I feel for our brothers and sisters in the red states/conservative areas who don’t have good support systems in place. Stay calm and I hope they don’t send you back to Atlanta anytime soon.

    • I feel for you completely. I do worry with the GOP running everything that it will go away, and that we slide back into the DADT.

      I am really worried about our brothers and sisters as well in the red states. At the very least I can go back to working for Washington State who is very liberal/progressive (and Wolsey can go with me).

      The mood in my agency is very pro-Red State, so I suspect I will leave the DoD sooner than I had originally planned.

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