State Fair and Awkward Situations

Yesterday Wolsey and I went with a female friend to the Washington State Fair. Like we do every time for the last five years we went and got “old time” photograph of us in cowboy/soldier/gambler costumes.

This time we wanted to be dressed as gamblers, and our female friend dressed as a “fancy girl”. No, that isn’t a euphemism for prostitute/hooker, just thought I would quash that thought right there.

Definitely not this either.

Definitely not this either.

As they started setting us up, they had both Wolsey and I behind/beside the chair, and our friend in the chair. This is where it gets funny.

Sepia toned... never flattering.

Sepia toned… never flattering.

  • Fair Picture Lady: So which one of you gentlemen is with the lady?
  • All three of us: ….. (a little stunned and not sure what to say, is it safe? is this a joke?)
  • Fair Picture Lady (looking at me): Who is with the young lady?
  • Me: Um… we are together (and I motion Wolsey and myself a bit nervously).
  • Several seconds pass as it sinks in to both people with the Fair (the other hadn’t asked anything).
  • Fair Picture Lady and other lady: *starts chuckling*
  • Other Lady: “That is Fantastic”

They immediately set Wolsey and I up so my arm was around him. There was slight awkwardness about placing our hands, but I think it was more of just not being around two guys in a relationship then any sort of revulsion.

That was the first time I have had that hesitation in that situation of getting our photo taken. I never had a worry hit me like that before that they might just kick us out. It never even dawned on me that the gendered expectations of couples was that strong. Although I don’t blame those ladies, I think most people would have made that mistake.

I just have to say thanks to those ladies for not freaking out, and curse our society that we even have to worry about that.

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2 Responses to State Fair and Awkward Situations

  1. Jamie Ray says:

    Donna and I got one of those about 20 years ago. I’m a pirate, she’s a damsel. Should have been a hint…

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