You are in trouble!

Yes, I have some real posts coming as well, however I just wanted to share. I went out last week and picked up a real camera (not just the camera phone). Don’t forget my favorite subject to photograph is Jello! This means you will be subject to the most handsome man ever!!!

Jello hanging out and looking good.

Jello hanging out and looking good.

While I am talking about Jello, his surgery recover is awesome. He still has some lipo soreness but he is looking really good. He is able to move around and work out.

Jello giving me a Friday morning before work smile.

Jello giving me a Friday morning before work smile. Yes that is Minecraft stuff up behind him.

The one thing I have noticed is his renewed confidence. Before when he was wearing the binder he would hunch over, even if the binder did an excellent job at hiding his chest. Now that we are 2 months post-op he is never self-conscious. He will happily wear body hugging t-shirts (something I don’t dare do myself).

Friday morning testosterone ritual.

Friday morning testosterone ritual.

I noticed this as well with his interactions. He has always been a pretty direct guy. He will walk up to people and talk to them, introduce himself, dance with people, etc. He never had a second thought until the transition itself. It seems some of that plucky outgoingness is appearing. That makes me happy.

Jello trying to wear my jacket. He is 5'7" tall, but makes him look like a kid with my 6'4" frame.

He is 5’7″ tall, but my jacket makes him look like a kid with my 6’4″ frame. (my cellphone took this)

While I will probably pepper all of you with a lot more stuff (plus some topical posts). Besides I get to show off the upper three photos from new camera as I learn to do this!

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4 Responses to You are in trouble!

  1. Kasey Weird says:

    Your love for Jello is so obvious and beautiful it makes my heart swell ❤

  2. Jamie Ray says:

    You are two lucky dudes. Jello definitely has the queer boy look down.

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