Outing Update

Still not how our dinner looked.

Still not how our dinner looked.

I have a quick update about my last post (First Outing). My coworkers all returned from vacation and we got to talk for awhile. The lady who kept misgendering Jello actually apologized.

She said she had been drinking quite a lot, and she was hoping my hubby wasn’t hugely mad. I explained it was a little awkward, but we both understood (although it is weird that she had never met my husband before, why would she misgender him). However during the apology something even more awesome happened.

One of my other coworkers leaned over and said “Ya, we all saw X misgender your husband, we all texted him at the table telling him to shut up, and quit doing it”. X also confirmed this, she said she got text bombed for it.

Now, I realize it didn’t change anything in the encounter, but it made me feel better that my more sober coworkers saw the issue and tried to stop it. I hadn’t expected it. I still probably won’t go hang out with them a lot (I always hate hanging with my coworkers). I do appreciate though that they cared that much.

It also made Jello feel better as well, so I call it a win.

PS All of them wanted to tell me my hubby looks like Jeremy Renner, they are right but I thought maybe I was the only one that saw it (the photo in the last post doesn’t do it justice).

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1 Response to Outing Update

  1. jeddacp says:

    jeremy renner… yesss! i can totally see it too!

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