Sunday Surprise

Yesterday was a surprise to me, a good surprise. Jello and I ended up going to Red Robin to grab a couple burgers and beer. We showed up and there was a line of three other groups waiting to be seated.

Jello put our name on the list, and we saw we were the last in line. This was ok, we understand that Red Robin gets packed and we didn’t have other plans.

A couple minutes later two servers started walking over, a tiny young lady and a slightly less young, taller guy. The guy was obviously LGBTA friendly. He smiled at Jello and I and directed the lady server to seat us first.

We got some nasty looks from other customers as we were seated. The gentleman was our server and was very talkative, and responsive to anything we wanted. As we left, Jello and I talked and both agreed that the gentleman picked us out because we are a gay couple and seated us first.

It is the first time I have ever experienced a positive privilege status for being in a same-sex marriage. There were no definitive facts that the server himself was gay, but I would bet money on it. It was kind of nice to be seen by one of our own (in the LGBTA broader group).

I just thought I would share that.

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  1. krisalex333 says:

    Yeah! for such service!

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