Expanding my focus

I have been struggling with posts lately. It is not a lack of things to post about, I have several written up, but they were less based on the transition in our marriage and more on my observations of now being in a gay marriage. I wasn’t sure if they fit in this blog, so I hadn’t posted them yet.

I suspect there is less to write about the transition then I expected has to do with the fact we have had an incredibly successful 20+ year marriage before his transition. Other then a few things that pop up nothing bad has happened so far. In fact, we have actually weathered things in the past that have had a larger impact on our marriage then the transition (such as being polyamorous, family problems, and schooling). I hadn’t expected it to go this smoothly so far.

Because of this, I have been thinking I am going to expand this blog to include my observations on the LGBTQ+ community as well. As a new person to the community it has already been an interesting ride. I am already encountering issues for being gay by the rest of society. This is not unexpected, I have always been an ally, but it is definitely different being the subject of it and not someone on the side.

What I hadn’t expected was the weird pushback from the LGBTQ+ community as not being seen as “really gay”. I am not sure how much more gay I could be then to be devotedly married to a man.

I do think whether or not I am gay or bisexual in the bedroom is quibbling now. For society I am gay. I am married to a man, I am male and holding hands with my husband in public definitely leaves me outside of the heterosexual community.  The reaction by some people in the LGBTQ+ community who were telling me I am not gay and I don’t have a place in the community has left me feeling even more alone then I expected when I started this blog.

I am posting this here now, just so everyone who follows me knows ahead of time that I am still posting posts about Jello’s transition, but I will also be adding other stuff involving being  in the LGBTQ+ community. If that isn’t your thing, I am glad to have met you and I wish you good luck, if you hang around maybe you can help me maneuver this new life I am in.

I do find it humorous that my husband always jokes to me about making me “accidentally gay”. I find it funny enough I am going to change the name of the blog to “Accidentally Gay”. I like the title better then my current title for the site and will be switching it up. 🙂

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2 Responses to Expanding my focus

  1. rimonim says:

    Looking forward to your posts! I’m sorry to hear some in the LGBTQ+ community have dismissed you two as a gay couple. That’s ridiculous.

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