First shot of T

My husband got his first shot of T last Friday. I am both excited and proud, yet a little bit sad/worried. We uploaded a video of the shot.

I am very happy. His anxiety has decreased, he has been smiling a lot and I really do think this fits for him. I was happy to be there. I did have a short time of anxiety, but that passed incredibly quickly though.

I know he is worried I won’t be interested after his change and I am positive he is wrong there. I love him more than anything and I am not leaving. However, even if that did happen I think this is important that he does it. He would have stayed a woman if I had objected, but no one should ever limit themselves from the fear of losing someone. He needs to be who he is, not who society expects.

I am proud of him, oh and yes that is me filming and making inappropriate comments with my incredibly shaky cam. I promise to work on the filming in the future :).

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1 Response to First shot of T

  1. kassandwes says:

    Congrats for him! I am actually glad that you guys made this because we didn’t have anyone to ask about how to do it, so we just looked some stuff up online and was like “ok, let’s do this!” I actually had a small panic attack when some came back out because I was like oh, god! We did it wrong, its not going to work! Even though I’ve had seven shots so far I still worry a little every time.
    I think both my partner and I had some anxiety at first too. She doesn’t really admit to it, because I don’t think she wants to feel like she is swaying me any (I would have also stayed a woman if she had asked), but I was almost sick the first night of my shot, worrying I was making the wrong decision. I think it’s totally normal and understandable for you to have anxiety as well.
    Anyway, can’t wait to see the progression, and it was cool seeing you two interact.


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