A quick note about reinventinglucky

I just realized that for some reason I am only able to follow all of you as “reinventing lucky” I just wanted to say I am following you, but evidently under my normal day to day blog. They are the one and the same person, just one is my trans/gender identity blog and the other is everything else (separated out so if someone wants to read my gender/marriage blog they aren’t stuck reading everything else).

Wow, I evidently type like MoJo JoJo from the Power Puff Girls.

Side note: People have asked if I have a separate blog for anonymity. That can’t be further from the truth. I am totally happy people realizing the two blogs are the same person. I did it more rather so I can focus on the trans/gender identity and possible LGBT/Hetero Society acceptance in one blog, and my other inane ramblings in another 🙂

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