Thank you.

I cannot express how thankful I am to everyone past and present who has been so supportive here. Wolsey’s transition was the biggest thing to happen in my life up until now and with the lack of sources for husbands staying with their transitioning spouses I really only had the people here.

Thank you so very much for everything. I don’t think people can understand what it means to me both in the past and into the future.

I just wanted to explain to everyone that I probably won’t be posting here for a while. Right now, I only have long and angry rants about what I am watching happening nationally and in the overall world, and that isn’t what the blog is supposed to be about. It is about my life with Wolsey.

Wolsey is fully transitioned, happy and healthy. Life is good, and a lot of things have come up that have other focuses in our life (don’t worry we are definitely good with each other), that is demanding our full attention. 

I just wanted to explain for the time being why I wasn’t posting. I just don’t want to mix the overall purpose of the blog with me shouting into the void.

 I am still around, I definitely am here if anyone has any questions or wants to talk, I just don’t think I have any appropriate original content for this venue at the moment.

If you want to read my inane personal blog you can still find it at, there will be links there to other gaming blogs and other subject matters.

Although there will be upcoming links and posting on when the book is coming out and if there are any more articles or public things I do related to this.

Once again though, I am here always and anyone needs anything whether publicly or privately you can reach me through here. I want to help with my story and with anything I can give to the community.

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