Rough few weeks

I have been quiet the last couple weeks because of many things.

First, I broke my foot a week ago last Tuesday in a stupid cubicle fall at work. It wasn’t my worst experience but that knocked me out for a week. So now here I am healthy enough to post more.


The second reason, and probably the bigger cause of my silence is all the crap that Trump and his administration has been doing, and it shut me down being able to talk about it for awhile. I needed to regain some of my stability and center myself.

The problem is the administration has been doing way more than even I anticipated. This includes the previously talked about loss of medical for trans health services for Wolsey,  Jeff Sessions rolling back protections of transgender employees, and Jeff Sessions sending the DoJ to get involved in the Supreme Court case and saying that an employer can discriminate based on sexual orientation.


This is alarming for all LGBTQIA people. That means anyone who falls in the spaghetti alphabet is deemed ok to discriminate by employers based on their sexual orientation and/or their transgender status.

This has been extremely anxiety inducing to us since we work for the most conservative non-religious organization out there (Department of Defense). We have already been told that it is very likely the rider preventing Wolsey’s trans medical care may be back. I then followed up and asked if he is protected from discrimination for his transgender status.

The local EEO people said they considered him still protected. However, the person I spoke to was bluntly honest and said that may not last much longer, it depended on how hard people above will push.


I then followed up with asking about this week’s DoJ proclamation about employers being able to discriminate. She was very clear about this a well and said absolutely that would not happen at this moment. She was also honest though and said that may not be true in three months, since we are the federal government and the DoJ is pushing against those protections.

Basically it will come down to a fight between the EEO and DOJ. One wants to protect people at risk, the other wants to follow the demands of a homophobic conservative movement. Sadly even she said if things don’t change the EEO will probably lose unless SCOTUS or Congress actually do something. Unlike people not working for the feds, the state laws don’t protect us (Washington State is incredibly protective over LGBTQIA), but like before with our healthcare issues in 2014/2015 they don’t have power over this employer.


What this does mean though is I am done with this job. For many reasons that include these reasons on top. I/We are not quitting today, Wolsey’s second surgery is still coming up at the end of November, but I think after we figure out where our debt load is, we might focus on paying our short term debt down and maybe get out by next summer. I won’t miss this place if it happens, and I definitely won’t miss working for the federal government.



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  1. Sad and stressful. All the best to you both.

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