TMI: Intimacy now

I figure I have gotten enough PM questions that I can give a general overview of things, but don’t worry there aren’t any gruesome details. I also have some more future thoughts I want to write about, and I think having this here is a good foundation for those posts.

Not this kind of foundation though.

I had always idly wondered if intimacy with Wolsey after his second surgery would be different. I had assumed not really, but there is a change in parts, and a change in hormones so I wasn’t sure.

Even with his top surgery, there wasn’t a lot of difference in our interactions except appearance and maybe an awkward automatic attempt to touch breasts that weren’t there. It was pretty funny when it happened, and Wolsey laughed about it so no bad things, but that was about it. The first couple of times we were intimate definitely showed me how automatic some reactions are when you are with the same person for decades.

I swear it wasn’t like this.

The second set of surgeries was a bit different. All trace of the intimate parts of my husband I had married were gone, and in their place, were new parts. There were new sensations for him and definitely a new pace/tempo.

I was flexible before any of this occurred, and I found with our new intimacy that it didn’t bother me or give me any negative reaction. In fact, his comfortableness with himself made our new intimacy that much better. He smiles more and just seems happier.

There is of course the relearning process of what he likes, and just general adjustments but overall there has been no negative consequences for me and intimacy when it comes to his transition.

So there is the answer many have asked for.

About Wolsey

I am a middle aged man. I am an author and a maker.
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