6/30/17 Background Radiation

Hello folks. I am four weeks post surgery, and my head is clear enough to once again scream into the void.

Below is my weekly round up of infuriatingly anti-LGBT sentiments come to life. I have a huge backlog to pick from, so let’s get started.

Headline: Same-sex marriage will abolish Mother’s Day, politician says

Can we just laugh at the sheer stupidity of this. Apparently, using inclusive language on legal documents is just too much for this guy.

Headline: Trans teen Ava Le’Ray Barrin is the 14th transgender person murdered in 2017

More transgender women have been murdered. It’s not shocking, just horrifyingly predictable. I am so sorry she was shot, and I am so sorry her friends and family have to mourn this loss.

Headline: Why Straight Men Kill The Trans Women They Love

This is an op ed by Jen Richards, who is herself a transgender women. It’s one of the stronger pieces that I have seen. It’s well written. Go read it.

Headline: “Anything” starring Matt Bomer, sends another toxic message to the transgender community

Another movie, another transgender women portrayed by a cisgender man. As if we don’t have actors in our community.

Headline: Military leaders seek to delay transgender enlistment policy

This is so dumb for me. There are quite a number of transgender people already in the military. I think their numbers are off, because I see a lot of transgender guys in the military talk about how nobody knows they are transgender. It’s been that way for as long as I can remember. The idea that we can’t serve is infuriating to me. I work with people who hold this kind of viewpoint, and they just can’t wrap their minds around the idea that we are just as capable as anyone else.

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