The Dick Diary

I’m not going to put a lot of details here in this blog. Not everyone wants to know the deep dark details of gender confirmation surgery.

However, I’m not opposed to sharing, and am keeping a very detailed blog over on Tumblr.

I am doing it firstly, because there are other men in my community that want to know what the process is. The men that went before me were invaluable in helping me make my own decision. I’d like to give back to the community for those men coming after me.

Secondly, I tend to write when I am nervous. I have always kept diaries, and this is a significant event that I’d like to keep track of. I write voluminously, and it helps give me a focus that is not my own surgical concerns.

Thirdly, I think a lot of cis people really want to know what the hell is up with “The Surgery”. It’s the crux of every question I get sometimes. I really think the only way this will abate culturally is with education. I mean we no longer freak out about breast implants. I remember when during Dolly Parton’s hey day, it was a really big deal. Now it’s something that women just sometimes get. Hell, I had a 62 year old patient that got implants.

If you actually want the nitty gritty in all it’s ugly details, my tumblr is:

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