Anxiety and Countdown

I have been awfully quiet lately because life has been stressful. I can blame work, but it truly is anxiety from Wolsey going to surgery. We went down in March,  I know the doctor is good, great results to be had, but my experience with the last surgery has left me uncomfortable.

Wolsey is doing great himself, I know he is anxious, but he is holding together. He had to stop taking T last week for the surgery so that has been hard on him, and work has been hard as well.

Fast forward to Thursday, when we read about Rowan Feldhaus. A transgender advocate and transgender man who had recently won his ability to change his name in Georgia. He was having a hysterectomy. He went septic and died of lack of oxygen.

I am sad for him. He went through a lot of struggle, and at the age of 25 is very young. What is galling me even more is the sites that turn out to be “Christian News” where they are ripping him apart, dead naming him and calling him a girl. That has pissed me off (which is better than the anxiety today I guess).

This has resulted in more sleeplessness. Wolsey is the one who told me about the guy, and I know it bothers him as well. We both completely understand there is always a very small chance this will happen. Wolsey’s chances haven’t gotten worse and the vast odds say he will be fine.

Doesn’t mean I am not terrified inside for him. Add to this the weird anxiety about him finalizing surgery means I have not been nearly as active on any medium as I normally like to be.

The good news is, the biggest portion of this will be over in 8 days and he will heal and be almost done with all of this (just with the smaller surgery in November is all that is left). I just need to remember time will go quick and he will be ok.

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6 Responses to Anxiety and Countdown

  1. Tomi says:

    Sending good thoughts!

  2. Lesboi says:

    Pre surgery anxiety is completely normal and justified. I was really nervous before my hysterectomy and did a lot of guided meditations to calm myself down in preparation and the day of surgery I was able to stay really calm and have a positive attitude because of my prep work. Even some deep breaths goes a long way to help flush out the anxiety. I wish you both good luck and a healthy and quick recovery. All will be well.

  3. I trust all will go fine. Thinking of you both.

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