Background Radiation 3/10/2017

News to seethe angrily at, while you eat your pint of ice cream.


Headline: BBC Woman’s Hour host Dame Jenni Murray says trans women aren’t ‘real women’

From the article: “The 66-year-old broadcaster and feminist wrote in the Sunday Times Magazine to make the comments suggesting that trans women can never be “real women” because they could experience male privilege before they transition.”

This is the stupidest logic I have ever heard. It’s like saying if you were born rich, then became poor, you still couldn’t understand the issues someone faces in poverty, because you were once rich. It’s like saying you can’t understand what chocolate ice cream tastes like, because you’d had only vanilla before. It’s a stupid argument.

If anything, most transgender people have a deeper understanding of the privileges at play because they are the only population that has lived on both sides of that divide. This has been written of at length by transgender people.

I was kind of a feminist before I transitioned, but once I received my gift basket of male privilege, I was furious! I had thought all those years that annoying creepy men were a blight on the human race, when really, they are only a problem for women.

Once transition put me firmly in the male camp, I have never been talked down to in a hardware store, never had my competence questioned in any number of arena’s, and have never had anyone bother me when I was out and about doing errands, or taking the bus. To realize that these issues, or should I say men, only harass women, and it’s infuriating. It’s really what made me a feminist.

This woman goes on about how she isn’t a TERF, but she is the textbook definition of one. TERF means Trans-exclusionary radical feminist. It’s very definition is someone that is deeply involved in women’s rights, saying that transgender people, usually transgender women, don’t count as women, and should be excluded. She is a TERF. She is a textbook TERF.

There is an update:

There were some consequences to her bigotry.

Headline: Liberals and Conservatives Uniting Against Trans Activism Isn’t a Rarity—It’s a Tragedy

This is in the same vein. It’s one of the best write ups I’ve ever seen on the weird across the aisle partnership that some liberals will sign on to with conservatives, in order to attack transgender people, and their basic rights.

I’ve seen this in action for years. I am often just astounded that liberal activists, and often self proclaimed feminists, will do this. It’s shocking to me no matter how often I see it.

This one needs a warning. These articles are graphic, and contain violent pictures and video of a woman that was murdered.


Headline: Smartphone footage captures Brazilian transgender woman pleading for her life prior to being beaten to death

This is horrific. If you just google “transgender woman beaten to death brazil” it’s literally everywhere. They took her out, beat her, and killed her. There is video. The situation in Brazil is awful for LGBT folks.

Pink News were the only ones I could find with an update:

Apparently, they have found the murderers, and brought them and the teenage boys who helped with the attack to jail. I was surprised to see that. I didn’t expect the police in Brazil to even care. I guess we will see if they actually do anything with it, though.

Seriously, protect transgender women. If you see something going down, step up.

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