Busy February

This is it, it has been a year since Wolsey had his chest lumps removed. We thought things were going to settle down and maybe recover from the hellish period that was (his surgery and my father’s passing just caused a cascading avalanche of stress we still haven’t dealt with).


With the recent changes in medical coming down the road, we started the process for his bottom surgery. We had originally it had been aimed for May. We were prepping to buy the tickets and fly down there, but we got a call and Rayleen our awesome case manager, had gotten it moved up two months until March 20th down in Phoenix.


So, last night we bought airline tickets/hotel/rental car for the surgery. I had not realized how much more expensive things are when you buy them with only a month to go, as opposed to three months out. It turns out to be twice as expensive. However, with the changes coming down I definitely think the price is worth it.

np_air_8 As for Wolsey’s year follow-up with the surgeon that did his top. It went really well with one telling portion. We met with his new associate who will be taking over the practice in the next couple of years. She was pleased with Wolsey’s chest surgery. However, when she saw the liposuction results she thought it made a good shape, but it was a bit rough and she was the first staff member there to acknowledge that the liposuction process was rougher than it should have been.

I think that made Wolsey feel better. He was really frustrated with his 3 and 6 month updates because he kept hearing that he should wait for it and that everything is good.


Don’t get me wrong, he looks good in the lip areas, but it was way more problematic recovery then we were told it would be and you can still sort of feel it when you actually touch it (the scarring under the skin).

He looks great though. He is still the hot looking guy he has always been.


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