Change in surgery plans

In the following post I know I will use the term “we” and it’s a bit like in a heterosexual relationship the guy says “we are pregnant”. However, it is hard not to think of it as we so I thought I would admit the hypocrisy up front.were-pregnantWolsey and I have been talking about pushing through his bottom surgery sooner than we originally were going to do it. He wasn’t sure if and when he wanted it, and with having just finished his top surgery we figured we had time to wait.

surgeryscarsequaltattoosWith the current political climate, and the election of Trump we have gotten more concerned about coverage for him. Since we work for the Department of Defense and I had to push through the EEO up to the pentagon in 2015 for his coverage, we know that his benefits are always up in the air.

Last week we decided to push forward with it by setting up the consult and starting with the wait list. With Trump elected we couldn’t be sure that he wouldn’t repeal the LGBTQ protections that are currently in place. SCOTUS hasn’t made an official ruling and with the repeal of the ACA (Obamacare) we didn’t want to take a chance. Just to be clear, the DoD and DCAA have not indicated a problem, but they are a conservative military agency/department under Donald Trump, Fascist in charge.

199t2zWe called his surgeon and the consult will be in Phoenix, meaning a 3-hour flight to get to it (plus flying twice more for surgery). The surgeon said the earliest we can consult is in May. We were expecting that, what we weren’t expecting is that surgery itself won’t happen until 12-18 months after the consult, closer to the 18 month specifically.

We were both shocked by the wait. We attempted to find a second surgeon, this one was in Portland and a lot closer. It was even worse; the consult wouldn’t be until September and at least a year after that before surgery.

This did cause both of us some anxiety. We weren’t sure if our protections would still be in place in that time so we talked to Wolsey’s insurance contact. She is going to see if she can get the surgeons to speed up a little.

I then asked our contact if I went back to the state as an employee (they use the same insurance) if that would interfere with Wolsey’s surgery and she reassured it wouldn’t. This means we do have a backup plan that if they strip his ability to use the insurance I will jump back to the state after August and keep our insurance reason August is a magic date is I will hit my three-year anniversary and I will be considered a federal employee permanently so in the future I will get preference if I ever apply for feds again.

The irony of this situation is five hours after we are pushing forward with this, an Executive Order repealing Obama’s protections for LGBTQIA is circulating and that is hitting the news now. I really don’t even know what to say except Fuck you Trump!


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