Background Radiation 1/20/17

This is my weekly roundup of the background radiation I am exposed to. It’s usually the bad and ugly of how the world treats LGBT folks, with a heavier emphasis on the T’s. I like to leave the full links exposed because then you can see where the article is.

I am a big news consumer, and these are just a small sampling of what’s been going down in the past week.

Background Radiation

Okay, I can’t even today, so here is the quick and dirty round up of things I saw this week that made me want to pull my hair out. It’s not much, but it’s all I see on my feeds. There are dozens of articles all pointing to the same things, so here are the sources I favor.

Headline: Inauguration day: How President Trump could undermine trust in vaccines

This was also covered in the Skeptics Guide to the Universe podcast #601

They go over the ugly issues surrounding the new Trump presidency and how that will work with basic skepticism, and anti-vaccination quackery getting a boost.

Headline: Pastor who claims gays caused ‘moral 9/11’ preaches at Trump’s inauguration

This is probably the tip of the iceberg. If you accept LGBT folks as equals that should be treated respectfully as human beings, you don’t have a hate filled pastor at your inauguration.

Headline: The Future Is Disappearing: Trump Administration Deletes WhiteHouse.Gov References to Climate Change, Civil Rights, Healthcare, LGBT Issues

It’s not even 24 hours and they’ve ripped the Advancing LGBT workplace rights off the US government website. . .

I don’t have a lot of hope here. I get my insurance through a federal agency, and one stroke of a pen means I no longer have medical coverage. I am hoping this disaster isn’t as fast moving as it looks, because I have a couple more surgeries on the horizon, and it would be nice if I could get it done. I’ve already moved my timeline up by a couple years because of all this.

In closing, let’s look at this next article.

Headline: The top 50 successful transgender Americans you should know

It’s nice to see what others in the community are doing. Here are some successful and cool transgender folks.

In the end, we will get through this. We survived up until this point, and it took a lot of fighting to get here. We just have to be diligent, and not let our guard down. It doesn’t matter if it’s every hour, but when they try to take away our rights, shove us back in the closet, or harm us, we have to raise the alarm. We have to.


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