Background Radiation 12/23/16

This is my Friday round up of the news stories that really stuck with me over the last week.

Background Radiation

Headline: Despite Obstacles, more Transgender Iowans are Seeking “Lifesaving” Medical Treatments.

I live in a state that forces insurers to cover transgender peoples medical care, but Iowa doesn’t. This is a decent article, despite the scare quotes around “lifesaving” in the title. Considering there is a growing body of actual evidence that HRT and surgeries to treat transgender people is factually life saving in a lot of instances, they still want to put scare quotes around it, as if there isn’t a massive suicide and murder rate for transgender people.

Headline: Why Loretta Lynch Told Transgender Americans “We See You”

I liked this. I liked that someone that had a position of power could try to give us some protections from the bigotry that is being legislated into existence all around us. It’s the first time in memory that anybody in that kind of position of power has ever reached out to our community like that.

Headline: Vile Trolls Target Loved Ones of Trans Activist Hours After Her Death

This is one of the most heartbreaking stories I’ve read this week. She died, and trolls and hate filled bigots rushed social media to attack her, and her loved ones, because she is transgender. I don’t have words for how fucked up that is. I quote the Preacher on Firefly, there is a special place in hell for people like that.

Headline: Transgender Americans Race to Finish Paperwork Before Trump Administration

This is a reality. I am pretty lucky in that my state makes it easy to get your paperwork changed, but you still need your social security card, and passport changed federally.

I can’t say that Trumps circus hasn’t made me really consider some issues regarding my own transition. I am in a better financial situation than a lot of folks, but I do wonder how his merry band of bigots are going to make my life harder.

Getting paperwork fast tracked, and getting medical care lined up, is definitely a reality for a lot of transgender people.

Headline: Trans Student Publicly Mocked by Milo Yiannopoulos’ University Tour Rejects School’s Apology in Spectacular Fashion

Milo is a terrible human being. It’s funny to me that I watch a lot of science fiction and fantasy media, where the evil is always otherworldly and non-human. Yet, here is a man that causes so much harm to others. He genuinely hurts people, using his position and his followers. That to me, is the real mundane evil in our world.

I really feel for the woman he attacked in such a vicious, and unconscionable way. I can’t imagine sitting there in the audience to watch this go down. I am also disgusted by the lackluster response form the university chancellor.

I’m not surprised, because to quote one of my favorite web comics:


Carla, the gal in a pink shirt over a white shirt happens to be transgender, and the comic really does a good job with her. I feel a lot of transgender people end up in that position.

Headline: Conservative group to push transgender bathroom bill

Bathroom bills. Have you ever just seen something so stupid, that you are tired of arguing about it? That’s how I feel about bathroom bills. They are mostly used to attack transgender women. I have no doubt nobody wants my bearded self in the women’s room, and any attempts for me to do so would result in the cops being called. It’s not about where we pee, it’s about cutting us out of public life. It’s about trying to push us out of existence, really. I mean, if you can’t pee while out in public, you can’t really go out in public, can you? Ask the suffragettes about how women being banned from public unisex restrooms became an issue.

These bathroom bills are popping up everywhere. There’s even one in my state being put forward:

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