Just a general update

I just wanted to give you folks a general update of life. I think for now I will avoid the Orlando attack as a subject until my internal thought process cools down. There are far more eloquent people who are writing about it now, I think I will leave it to them until I have processed it.

Jello is finally going public with his name. His name is Wolsey, and so if you hear me refer to Wolsey, it is just Jello’s meat space name.

Now, you may ask why he is going public with his name, it has to do with two reasons. The first is he is in a safe space for work and personal life. Everyone in his life knows he is trans, his job, his peers, etc. So he has no fear of that. The other reason is the book we are working on, we had a long talk. I always use my real name in references and we decided we would use his name in the book as well since it would be easy for anyone to find his name anyways.

We are now going through the blog and trying to put together something. We both noticed that my writing tends to slow down or skips over things that personally stress me out, or just general stressful points in my life. This means there are huge holes I could drive a semi-truck through in the blog. Along with this we noticed that my writing has dropped off.

I want to apologize for my lack of writing this year, the unexpected death of my father has made me shut down in a lot of ways. I haven’t gone out a lot, and I definitely haven’t written a lot. The sad thing is I have a dozen starts on articles, but very few that I followed through with. I hadn’t realized this, and now I am going to push myself to write more. I really think it is good for me, and especially about this facet of my life I get a lot of support from all of you, and I will take advantage of it.

The second thing looking over the old blog posts that I realized,  is I have evidently avoided writing about certain key aspects of my life during Wolsey’s transition. I was sure I had written about telling my parents about Wolsey’s decision to transition, but now that we look through it I can’t find anything about it. That has to change, I need to write the rest of the story, and quit subconsciously avoiding it.

This means you may be subject to posts about older situations. I just wanted to share with all of you my discovery that evidently I wasn’t as open as I had thought about and I will change that from this point over.

Thank you everyone for your support. I don’t think I can express how much I appreciate it.

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3 Responses to Just a general update

  1. Keep sharing. Old stuff is new to other who don’t know.

    I will say again how glad I am for what you do with this. It has been an encouragement to me. It is a comfort to know that I am not the only guy who is married to a trans guy and didn’t freak out and leave. I

    You are also more eloquent than you give yourself credit, I wish I could share what is inside me so well on my site.

  2. Happy to hear you are preparing for a book and more disclosure. We don’t know your name, do we?

    • lol, I had thought I had mentioned it. My name really is Lucky. When I call myself that, it isn’t an online name. Lucky is the name I use in the real meat world :).

      I will make sure to use it more, I know I am sometimes not clear on specifics 🙂

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