Salvation What?

I thought today I would regale all of you with my very first ever exclamations of “leave me alone I am gay” that I have ever said.

Jello and I were walking along the back part of a mall like area, having just eaten some good Mexican food (no this has nothing to do with the story). As we came walking up to a group of young ladies who were clustered around a blond woman.

The blond girl spun around and purposefully walked up to us. She wasn’t wearing any uniforms, or any sort of insignia. She stopped in front of us and asked “Would you give a donation?”. She followed up fairly quickly with “Would you give to the Salvation Army”. She had some sort of small box in her hand.

Several things happened at this point. We had stopped moving forward, I glanced over her and noted she didn’t have that red vest you see the bell ringers with; she didn’t have any sort of work gear at all. My gaze went back to her picked at face that had scabs. Something read as phony about her, not the least was her face (for some reason I had fixated on that).

It was about this time that I noticed Jello had closed up with his body language and all of his body posture said “let’s leave now”. My best recollection (this happened last week) I turned to her and without blinking I said “You are definitely the wrong charity to ask stuff for. We can’t give to the Salvation Army, we are gay and that would be against our beliefs.”

She looked stunned and I think her friends after a brief intake of air thought it was funny. Meanwhile Jello and I had started walking past her. She turned to face us leaving but didn’t say anything else.

Jello and I talked about it later and we both think she was strung out and probably a meth head (which the picked at face is a pretty big give away… sadly I have family and friends of family who had to deal with this issue). I definitely don’t wish her ill will but neither of us believes for a second she was legit, and even if she was there is no way I would give to the Salvation Army.

Oh, and if you are not sure why it matters if she was Salvation Army is their stance on same sex relations, marriage and transgender people. I do admit they do help, but other groups that believe in intolerance help as well and that doesn’t mean we support them. If you ever want to help someone I urge American Red Cross, The Trevor Project, or Howard Brown Health Center.

Also I apologize for no pictures, I am at a work training and this was done on my phone and that was way too much effort

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