Atlanta again?

Well folks, it is that time of year again. When we last left AG and his travels he had gone to the unexpectedly liberal place of Philadelphia and was pretty damn happy about it.

Yes, I am talking about me :)

Yes, I am talking about me 🙂

Now, we are going back to my original training location of Atlanta. It has been 18 months since my last visit (who knew I would still be here at my job that long) and I am a bit nervous. I did have a lot of observations to share at the time, but for some reason I don’t remember why, I stopped after the first one (see Atlanta Observations 1).


I do need to make it clear before I start complaining in future posts, there were some cool people in Atlanta. Contrary to my liberal/socialist/progressive world view up here in Seattle, not everyone down there was a bible thumping, finger pointing conservative who wanted me to die in a fire.

My general response

My general response to judgment

However, with the anti-gay bill that had passed the Georgia Senate recently, I had become a little nervous. For what seemed like forever I have been hearing on the news about the bill waiting to be approved by the Governor. Last time I went down, I wasn’t nervous, but after more than two years with Jello, I have grown a bit more cautious and uncomfortable going to places that may pose a health problem.

Vandalism in a church in Augusta.

Vandalism in a church in Augusta.

Fortunately today I have found that the governor vetoed it so I feel a little better about it.


It does worry me though, that the state has such hate for LGBTQ that they passed the bill and the only reason they backed down wasn’t because it was hateful, but because a lot of companies threatened to move and/or boycott the state. I realize the Senate is not representative all the people in Georgia, but they were elected by the people of Georgia and by it does make me uncomfortable that they had enough people believe in them, to elect them.

Maybe not the majority, but still a minority with a lot of power.

Maybe not the majority, but still a minority with a lot of power. (Church in Midgeville)

Also, while I am a bit nervous still, it is nice to see that Andy Bauman is calling for protection of the LGBT community and his district is the 6th District for Atlanta (Sandy Springs). You may ask why this is beneficial, well because I am evidently staying/training in the Sandy Springs District (I get off the MARTA at Sandy Springs). So YAY!


Thank you Mr. Bauman,  (click image for story)

So stay tuned for more info. Now that my personal life has slowed down, I have a lot more to write about it. Since I fly out this Sunday, there should be some adventurous stories (or stories about a middle aged guy trying to figure out Atlanta again.

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