First Glimpse (sort of)

A very quick update: I am finally getting a chance to see what Jello looks like post surgery (and it is good). The surgeon’s office underestimated his recovery process, but now he has gotten the furniture foam off of him along with compression gear, the finished product is coming out.

They said the surgery would be a little challenging but no big deal and he should be able to move around like normal after a couple of days.


Don’t get me wrong, the surgeon was awesome. His skill with sculpting a body cannot be denied. I do need to say however they were very dismissive of any problems. The sad fact was, he was a fountain of blood that I had to change bandages every 20 minutes. Don’t worry there will be at least one post just about this coming up, so if I don’t have a lot of details you now know why.

However, now that three weeks has gone by and all the other family issues have resolved he is able to take in what he has now. He looks great!


I realize you can’t see much (which is why this is called “First Glimpse”) but he has had Double D breasts for the last 12 years (they were D for five years before that, C for five then very itsy bitsy B’s when we got together). Funny enough that is how his family worked, they wouldn’t get any heavier, but they would get a breast size increase every 5 years or so. Now he is flatter than I am (good for him)!

I have a lot more to post about. Things are settling family wise and hopefully you will see the posts soon!

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