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Just a funny picture.

Just a funny picture.

I was wondering if I could get some feedback.

I started up a youtube channel to go with this blog, mainly so I can post videos of Jello from a neutral account (since we are trying to semi-separate this from my personal blog other than gay/transition events). I do a lot of other videos (have two other channels, one with video game lets plays, and another channel that teaches things like accounting and history) and I was wondering if I did some of my posts here as videos would that be something you folks would be ok with.

I wouldn’t make the youtube channel the primary, rather I would post the video there, and embed the video here. If I did that, I wasn’t sure if it would be easier to post the written blog below the video (usually videos I write up as blogs so they can be read as easily as watched, in fact looking at the learning channel converting some of those to podcasts as well).

Basically I am asking if I posted videos here, would you like me to also post the written text below the video in case you cannot watch/listen (or perhaps you don’t like to watch/listen to videos, that is understandable too). Not all videos will necessarily have text (if they are just photos/videos with no voice overlay) but for the ones that do what do you think?

Also, I sometimes speak like MoJo JoJo from Powerpuff Girls, if you haven’t noticed. 🙂

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5 Responses to Blog question

  1. Kasey Weird says:

    Written text below the video would for sure be appreciated!

    Also, if it’s something you care about, text transcripts will also get you more pageviews since search results are based around text content only *shrugs*

    • I had not realized that. Excellent.

      I know sometimes I don’t have time or am not in a position to listen to youtube, which is why I wish some of the blogs I read would do that. It probably will shorten up what I could do with videos, but I would rather base my stuff mostly on text and use the video to enhance then the other way around.

  2. janitorqueer says:

    Yeah written text would be good!

  3. Embedding the video here is good. I will usually view an embedded video if the blogger says something about what to expect, but not if they just say, “Watch this!”

  4. Lesboi says:

    I enjoy the videos, especially when they’re embedded but don’t always have the opportunity to watch them right away so i think text is helpful too.

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