Uncomfortable Day

hostileworkenvironmentI realize I haven’t been around for awhile. The blog isn’t dead, there are no home problems. I am just entering the last couple of weeks before my review, where my agency decides if I am made of the “right stuff” to work for them. The actual technical probation ends in early August, but the cutoff time to give me a pink slip for no reason is next week. So I have been working hard.

I did have to stop long enough to relay a horrendous thing. Honestly I haven’t even considered it much because it really bothers me.

My coworkers went on a tear about how horrible Caitlyn Jenner is and how she is only attention seeking. It was loud and being bandied about by several coworkers. I found this incredibly soul crushing to hear them. All I could think is that if they were this loud about a celebrity, I know they are probably saying shit about Jello (although it is a good thing I don’t hear it, otherwise I might be hauled away for assault).

I have always heard about hostile work environment, but today is by far the most hostile I have ever felt. Don’t get me wrong, everyone has been nice and there is no problems to me personally, but it really did trash me to hear them go on.

I really don’t even have the capacity to talk much about the incident here today. I still start spluttering angrily just thinking about it.

I will see you folks later, I promise no one here is forgotten. I really appreciate the feedback.

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1 Response to Uncomfortable Day

  1. That’s pretty horrible. Sorry that you had to experience that. It’s a constant reminder of how close minded people are, and how far we still have left to go before people start treating each other like people, and not like gender, or race, or sexual orientation, or religion, etc. My coworkers (I’m in HR so the conversations are usually really mild and PC) and myself were having a conversation about it over lunch Monday, and i had to “school” some of these folks. No one said anything particularly offensive, but they really had no idea what trans was all about. How trans people have different brains then what their bodies reflect. I may not be trans, but the message is the same…let people be who they are, how they feel comfortable, how they want to express themselves. I hope the opportunity presents itself and that people are willing to hear more about what trans really is, and that you can help them understand better. Maybe then, young kids wouldn’t be taking their own lives, or trans people wouldn’t be hiding on the outskirts…thinking of you and Jello and sending love your way…

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