One Year Today

its a boyWell this is it, Jello’s one year anniversary after taking his first shot of testosterone. I think I will need to take him out to eat today and buy him a lot of things.

The year has gone pretty well, honestly a lot better then I had worried. I was originally extremely worried he would leave me. Not because he has ever indicated that, but because I evidently have a horrible sense of self-esteem.

I am so very proud of him. He has changed a lot, but strangely enough he really hasn’t changed at all. He is becoming the man he always has been. I can see it more and more as the days go by.

I will be honest, every once in awhile I will catch an unexpected glimpse of a photo or video of Jello and there is a weird catch in my chest. A brief (very very brief) moment of disorientation and even loss, but that goes away within a second or two. Strangely enough the catch is usually when I hear his voice before the testosterone, not just from a picture.

It’s funny, I can’t even remember his voice being girly. That voice isn’t him (the one from the past) and I don’t think without seeing an image of him with that voice that I would even recognize it.

Here is to the wonders of testosterone, and how it has allowed my husband to grow into the person he was supposed to be. I love him more than anything, including life itself.

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