Who is that?

Earlier this week I started pulling together things I wanted to blog about here. So I went over some old videos of mine, and some of those by Jello and other people. That is when I was caught off guard by how effective testosterone is.

I was looking through Jello’s old videos and found his first transition video. What surprised me was how he looked and how he sounded. I have totally forgotten that voice (until I heard it, then it hit me) and I forgot the changes.

Here is that video:

Here is his most latest video (and he is working on a new one now, he is even deeper voiced and masculine looking).

I was shocked by it actually. The voice especially is what does it. It did sort of hit me like I was watching a video of someone gone, but it also made me happy to see how far he has come.

I just wanted to quickly share here about that. How proud I am of him. While the most recent video is from almost three months ago (and doesn’t quit do him justice) he has certainly gone a long way. He passes pretty much 95% of the time. Once we get him set up for top surgery it will be 100%.

Oh and I didn’t want to forget to give you his channel again:


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2 Responses to Who is that?

  1. Jello says:

    I hadn’t looked until you told me about this, and it’s weird to be shocked by it. I mean, I lived in that body for 40 years. Yet, it always felt like an elaborate costume. Cool at times, but never really me underneath. The only other time I have felt that way, was when I was 16, and my mother made me wear her clothes when I went home so as to not embarrass her. I caught how girly I looked in the mirror, and it felt jarringly not me.

    I can’t really express how happy I am with how I look. I can’t remember the last time I enjoyed my own body like this.

  2. Claire says:

    Wow what a change šŸ˜„

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