9 Months

I apologize that I have been quiet. New job, travel and stress have made things very difficult. To hold you off for awhile, I present you with Jello’s 9 month update!

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4 Responses to 9 Months

  1. I just wanted to say thank you to both of you for continuing these videos. I’m read as male all the time, but so many of the fears that Jello has I have. I’m six months and a week on testosterone, and all I can think about is getting the job I want so that I can get top surgery.

    My family is not supportive very much, except for a few outliers, and I’m moving across the country from the deep south and am terrified. My husband is supportive, but not gay enough to stay with me. It’s a pretty huge blow, and coping right now isn’t going well. I hope to find a support group, and new friends and just go completely stealth once I move.

    I’m one of those FtMs others hate lol, because I was passing two months in to HRT so that gives me hope the stupid F on everything will be overlooked as an error. I’m a string bean and don’t anticipate having a clothing issue except for finding good pants, because I have lost my hips somewhere, thankfully, even though I didn’t realize I had hips to lose.

    Anyway I’m rambling, but thank you. Jellos videos always always make me feel better and your writing about it gives me hope that there is someone out there who will love me anyway.

    • Jello says:

      Aww shucks. Thanks of the kind words.

      I’m really sorry your husband isn’t up to it. That’s really rough. It might be my experiences in my area of the country, but there are a lot of folks that are willing to date FtM guys up here. It might be that I hang with a geeky alternative poly crowd, too. I find Poly folks in this area seem really cool with transgender folks of all flavors.

      It would be nice to go stealth, but my body is so not cut out for it. I think it’s great that you are read as male so easily. That rocks!

      I don’t know where you are going, but I’m in the Pacific NW, in the greater Seattle area. I have to say, most folks either ignore it, or are very positive. Hippies abound up here, and everyone is pretty tolerant. I lucked out that way. If you are coming this way, let us know. There are some cool groups to meet in real life here, and it’s always nice to meet folks.

    • I am really sorry how that turned out for you. Don’t give up hope, there are people out there that will love you no matter what. If you ever end up in the Seattle area give us a shout out, otherwise we love to get to know people online.

      • I just wanted to comment back to both of you about how things are going. I don’t blame him at all, he can’t change his sexual orientation, just like I can’t change mine or being trans.

        I moved to Denver CO, and have been stealth since I got here. I got the job, though the base pay is not what I was hoping for, it’s a job with a chance to move upwards unlike my previous jobs, so that helps.

        The hardest part is that we’re still best friends and moving on to a different romantic relationship seems impossible at the moment! I’m sure it will get easier with time though.

        I do have friends in the PNW, in Seattle and Portland, and I eventually plan on coming up there to see them. I lived on the east coast my whole life up until now, so there are so many places in the Midwest and the West Coast that I want to see and experience. I’m sort of taking this as a second chance to reinvent myself and how I live my life.

        It’s both liberating and terrifying! And being socially awkward as I am (I’m autistic with a dash of just about everything from the alphabet soup you can think of lol) and it feels like a handicap.

        I need to find groups out here to connect with, but so far I haven’t been able to force myself to put myself out there like that. I know I’m so totally not ready for any sort of relationship other than friendship, but there are a ton more resources out here than where I moved from.

        Keep on rocking Jello! You both are awesome people and your courage, both of you is incredibly helpful to someone in a slightly different position.

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