Parellel transitions

I have linked a post here about partners of people who are transitioning. Sadly not as much stuff in it as I would like, but it is something. Although I am starting to find more articles and support on the internet and especially from those of you here who comment and write your own posts. This has made me less anxious about my position in my partner’s transition, and I am really thankful about that..

I am not able to write up something in depth today based on this post, but I thought I would pass this article on to others.

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1 Response to Parellel transitions

  1. parkerkierce says:

    Reblogged this on Parker Kierce and commented:
    “I’ve gone back into hiding and dusted off my dormant skill at playing the pronoun game, and I have to lie to everyone I know on a consistent basis.”

    Interesting article.

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