2 Month T Log for Jello

Jello did an update video on his two month anniversary of taking testosterone.

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2 Responses to 2 Month T Log for Jello

  1. jonahspector says:

    regarding the acne: I also didn’t get much acne my first time around. At two months, I had zero acne. It wasn’t until month 9-10 that it started getting bad, so hopefully it stays pretty even for you, but just prepare!!

  2. Early on, I didn’t have much acne, it didn’t start really coming in until 3-4 months in. However, I did have acne my first puberty. The acne I’ve gotten this time around actually hasn’t been nearly as bad, but I’m getting it in different places than before. My first puberty, it was just all over my face, but this time, it’s mostly just in places where new hair is growing on my chin, cheek, and sideburn areas. I also have a little on my back, shoulders, and chest, but it’s not too bad.

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